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Through our NightHawk, DayHawk, and Routine services, we are the leading independent UK provider of radiology reporting, delivering in excess of 1.3 million reports a year.

Our reputation has been built on the provision of high-quality, fast and cost-effective teleradiology reporting services with our clients’ needs at the centre of everything we do.


Over 100 organisations use our teleradiology reporting services.


Our network consists of UK trained, UK resident and UK practising FRCR Consultant Radiologists.


All data kept within the UK, with no transcription staff or complex and unreliable anonymisation processes involved.

Clinically Driven

Direct RIS access for every report ensures that the full wider patient information is available and reviewed every time, not just a cut down summary.


Telephone access to the reporting radiologist and support team for any queries, both in and out of hours via one single number.


Our bespoke web platform, InSight, gives our clients real time access to the status of cases subject to audit or discrepancy queries. All reporting radiologists remain under the authority of UK law.


"We have been working in partnership with Medica for several years, with them providing radiology reports on all plain film examinations originating from busy departments within our two hospitals. The service provided is prompt, allowing us to turn most results around overnight. Medica have robust systems in place to address any queries we might have, and to highlight any urgent reports in order that we might ensure those reports are quickly brought to the attention of referrers. This partnership has allowed us to develop the service beyond what was previously possible, improving the quality of service offered to patients & referrers alike "

Radiology Services Manager, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust