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MEDICA offers a range of independent auditing services to suit your audit needs including:

Cause for concern audit – providing independent and constructive feedback on performance

Departmental quality assurance audits – providing independent evidence for use in accreditations such as ISAS and snapshot or rolling audits for internal benchmarking

Ongoing CT, MR, Plain Film and Ultrasound audit services – providing independent evidence required by service commissioners

MEDICA has audited over 335,000 exams to date including over 55,000 in 2017. Expert delivery of your internal audit is provided by highly experienced MEDICA auditors with the appropriate subspecialty credentials. 

MEDICA Audit delivers effective and actionable auditing through detailed assessment against the areas of observation, interpretation, communication and patient outcome.

Why choose MEDICA AUDIT?


Over 50% of Acute NHS Hospitals trust us to provide acute and subspecialist services.


Highly experienced NHS and Independent sector auditors.


More than 10 years’ experience in delivering consistent, high quality radiology audits.


Audit panel of experienced specialist Radiologists selected against strict MEDICA criteria.


Clinical Governance team offering audit data intelligence and analysis.


  • Clinical leadership and oversight from Dr Stephen Davies (Medical Director) and Dr Maxine Murray (Audit Lead)
  • Improving clinical practice and patient outcomes with clear, meaningful and actionable feedback
  • Detailed clinical consultation of audit results and management with the Medical Director including pre-agreed terms of reference
  • Full detailed clinical and technical engagement as part of the deployment process
  • Urgent notification protocols in line with the NPSA and RCR guidance on critical, urgent and unexpected findings

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