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The expectations for diagnostic response in stroke and cancer care are becoming more demanding. Clinicians want hot reporting: they know accurate diagnosis saves money and saves lives.

Staffing shortages and increased demand for services means that resources can become stretched – MEDICA’s Dayhawk service is there to cover this shortfall and offer fast daytime reporting, delivered by highly experienced NHS consultant radiologists, fully familiar with UK hospital practice.

Do you NEED it?  You may do if you are faced with any of these issues:

Critical stroke cases

You have critical stroke cases referred to you and you have to meet national stroke guidelines, 7 days a week

Intense pressure from A&E

You have an A&E department that is bursting at the seams and need genuine, authoritative hot reporting from top consultant radiologists on plain film and cross sectional imaging

Inpatient and outpatient imaging

You undertake inpatient and outpatient examinations and know that cost effective ongoing care that provides the best outcomes needs a consultant radiologist’s opinion – you can get it in minutes from a MEDICA UK consultant radiologist

Unnecessary bed occupancy

You know you have unnecessary bed occupancy that costs you money – a lot of it, lengthens waiting times and increases infection risk, and all you need is quick, authoritative clearance to discharge – MEDICA DAYHAWK provides you with the report that you need, just when you need it.

MEDICA DAYHAWK offers you…

  • Secure, legitimate, rapid and easy set-up of the service: you can be up and running in days, not weeks or months
  • Help with establishing protocols if you do not already use them
  • The services of an experienced NHS practising Consultant Radiologist
  • A full consultation facility for the referring clinician if the examination requested is not covered by protocol
  • Authoritative guidance within 60 minutes, including an authorised report into your RIS, so any clinician in the hospital has access to it
  • Telephoned guidance to the referrer – we will call to discuss the findings and help define the optimum next step in patient care
  • Access to 24*7*365 MEDICA support engineers who are there to ensure service continuity when you are not there, no matter what

Diagnostics is at the heart of effective patient care but undertaking the exam is only half the job.  Massive organisational and financial benefits and improvements to patient care can result from providing a radiologist’s report as soon as possible after examination completion.  It will be the expected norm before many years are out – and it’s available today, from MEDICA.

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What Our Customers are Saying:

“We have been using MEDICA Dayhawk for weekend daytime cover for over two years now, MEDICA Dayhawk could very well be used in radiology departments across the country, particularly in view of the introduction of the three-hour target for strokes.”

Radiology Manager, Royal Bolton Hospital