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Flexible UK Radiology Reporting Solutions

Supporting over 100 NHS hospitals with in excess of 100,000 reports per month



Same day reporting to help you meet targets and ease the daily pressures on radiology departments



Daytime teleradiology reporting guaranteed within 60 minutes  



Cut costs but not quality with our safe and cost-effective out-of-hours emergency CT reporting



‘Virtual Colonoscopy’ - with all the accuracy, security and clinical focus you have come to expect

Some Frequently Asked Questions…

Why do you say that MEDICA reports are better than those from other providers?

Because MEDICA reporting radiologists can see the referral and clinical indications as well as that patient’s radiology history – which we regard as essential. No other provider has such a secure and legitimate method as MEDICA. And of course the images and information will be reviewed and the report prepared by a UK FRCR radiologist familiar with UK referral conventions and reporting structures in the UK. If you need to query a report or speak with the MEDICA radiologist – just ask!

Why do you say that MEDICA radiologists are better than those from other providers?

Someone who will be approved by you, audited by us and fundamentally a professional you can trust with your patients. A Medica radiologist will be an exact equivalent to your own radiologists: trained in the UK, living in the UK, working in the UK; an experienced consultant radiologist who knows their way around the NHS and a Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists.

How will I get my reports?

They are entered directly into your radiology information system, fully authorised. If it is an emergency report, the MEDICA radiologist will also phone the referrer to discuss their findings and the best treatment path.

Suppose we hit a problem and can’t send exams for some reason?

Our 24x7x365 UK help desk offer expert support around the clock, with full access to in-depth technical help if they need it. We’ll do our best to help you with any aspect of reporting difficulty.

Do you really use top grade equipment?

Yes. At MEDICA we are dedicated to quality and provide high-end Hewlett Packard workstations with auto calibrated 3 or 5MP Eizo monitors, excellent proven and robust PACS, and Cisco routers. No expense is spared when it’s your patients’ wellbeing at stake.

Is the service completely secure?

Our service is the most secure in the market place, we don’t use CDs and we never send data overseas. MEDICA has a 100% security record since 2004. We are experienced and accredited users of N3, with full IGSoc compliance and connected to over half of the NHS. We are highly expert in secure communications and our fully encrypted VPNs and our network management tools are of the highest quality. No images can get to us unless you send them. No information is transferred from your RIS, so your data is not stored by us either.

What if the equipment does fail?

Our data centre is located in a bullion vault with every possible duplication and protection to avoid equipment failure. All our servers are remotely managed and duplicated, as is the transient data. If the radiologist’s workstation or communication goes down we simply switch to another radiologist. And on the rare occasion something really does break, our support team is on hot stand-by.

Is the service easy to use and flexible?

Yes. Our deployment teams will have you up and running in no time. We can offer you an autorouting system that greatly cuts down exam sending times yet keeps you in the driving seat, firmly in control. And you can send what you like, when you like.

How do I know that your claims are genuine?

Ask our customers! We have dozens of testimonials praising the quality of our service which has been commended within the UK radiology profession, to which we are completely committed.
What Our Customers are Saying:

“The MEDICA service is a flexible and responsive support to the increasing demands placed on Diagnostic Radiology. Royal Gwent Hospital has used the MEDICA service to maintain capacity during periods of Consultant annual leave. High throughput and maintaining capacity is difficult to achieve year round but MEDICA’s support has allowed the Directorate to sustain its productivity without compromising quality.”

Chief of Staff for Clinical Radiology, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board