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MEDICA’s UK remote reporting services have been designed and refined in partnership with more than 100 NHS Organisations.

Our DXA reporting is delivered by doctors with extensive NHS experience in providing full clinical reports. 

Why choose MEDICA DXA?

Increased demand

Demand for DXA scanning is increasing and there are still significant variations in demand week by week – managing demand as it peaks and troughs is much easier when you are connected to MEDICA.

Managing backlogs

You have a backlog of DXA reports that you need cleared.

Recruitment and Staff absence

You are struggling to establish and maintain a DXA service due to staffing issues – whether it’s recruitment or staff absence due to holiday or sickness, MEDICA can help manage the capacity.


You need a plan for when you know you will have difficulties with capacity in order to meet demand.

MEDICA DXA The Quality:

  • Delivered by experienced UK specialists
  • Workflow in line with NOS guidelines
  • Clinical leadership and oversight from Dr Jim Martin
  • Clinical support from a full-time Medical Director and a dedicated Clinical Governance team
  • Measured quality control of image quality – ensuring reports undertaken is of the highest standard 
  • Trusted quality assurance and clinical governance underpinned by a guaranteed minimum 2% audit as standard
  • Comprehensive clinical and technical engagement as part of the deployment process

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