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MEDICA events calendar … follow us around the country

3rd September 2019

Here is the line up for the next events we will be attending. Our team, as always will be on hand as always to answer any of your recruitment questions or for if your department is interested in using our services.


Event: Infomed 2nd Stanmore In-depth MSK MRI Study Series (knee)
When: 11th September 2019
Where: Royal College of Radiologists, London


Event: BIR Thorax and Hepatobiliary organised by the BIR Midlands branch
When: 13th September 2019
Where: etc Venues, Maple House, Birmingham

The BIR Midlands branch presents the first in the ‘Radiology update series study days’. This one day event is aimed at consultant radiologists, radiology registrars, radiographers and any other medical professional, interested in updating their radiology knowledge in-line with current evidence.

The series focuses on topics in a system-specific method. Lectures will be delivered by consultant radiologists who are highly experienced in their areas of expertise.  This study day will focus on thoracic and hepatobiliary radiology.


Event: BIR Gynecological Imaging: Part 2
When: 13th September 2019
Where: etc Venues, The Hatton, Farringdon

For Part 2 of this series, the BIR will provide an update on both benign and oncological topics that will provide a comprehensive ‘A to Z’ of the major subjects encountered in everyday practice and will bring together a high caliber of speakers at the forefront of gynaecology imaging. It will be supplemented by talks from oncologists and surgeons providing cutting edge modern treatments.


Event: RCR Abdominal Emergencies
When: 17th September 2019
Where: Cavendish Conference Center

This study day is aimed at radiologists involved with acute CT (computed tomography) commitments, both consultants and trainees. The day hopes to cover the broad range of abdomino-pelvic pathologies encountered in patients who present acutely to accident and emergency, medical and surgical specialities and in the postoperative setting. The role of imaging in diagnosis and patient management will be illustrated.


Event: RSM – Imaging in Sports and Musculoskeletal Medicine – a Clinical Perspective
When: 23rd September 2019
Where: Royal Society of Medicine

This one-day event will review common imaging practices in sports, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal medicine.


Event: BIR Scottish Branch Learning from Discrepancies
When: 4th October 2019
Where: 200 Vincent Street

This one-day event will cover the very important aspect of safe clinical practice, addressing a wide range of issues related to radiology errors. It includes performance management, human factors, complaints and litigation. Specific topics on errors related to imaging of chest, gastrointestinal and neuroradiology are highlighted.



Event: BIR Musculoskeletal Radiology  When: 4th October 2019
Where: Kings Center

This event will provide an update on common musculoskeletal radiology problems. It will cover a selection of musculoskeletal imaging topics that are either common diagnostic problems in clinical practice or where there are substantial new guidelines that influence the way we image and report disease. The day will also provide guidance on imaging criteria and terminology for common problems in differential diagnosis, standardized imaging protocols and pathways for several disease presentation, and updates on controversial topics.


To set up a meeting by prior arrangement please contact Amber Hyland on amber.hyland@medicagroup.co.uk or by phone on 07793 244292.

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