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MEDICA events calendar … follow us around the country!

For the rest of 2018 and until February 2019 we will be all around the country supporting several events, and we welcome you to visit us at any of the following:



Event:  JCA Cardiac MRI
When: 29th – 30th November 2018
Where: Hallmark Hotel, Cambridge

This lecture-based course will give you the opportunity to learn about the facts of imaging sequences, protocols, how to acquire the best possible images, appearance of pathology and reinforce knowledge already learned.



Event:  JCA Head & Neck Imaging Course
When: 6th – 7th December 2018
Where: Marriot Hotel, Leeds

We all know that head and neck imaging is a very complex area and the main aim of this course is to make head and neck imaging less intimidating!



Event:  BIR Wessex Winter Meeting
When: 7th December 2018
Where: Southampton Hospital

The goal of this half day event is to provide the audience with a guide to imaging cancer patients and to provide an update on some new imaging techniques being utilized in this field within the South of England.



Event: JCA Bristol MRI
When: 14th – 18th January 2019
Where: Royal Marriot Hotel, Bristol

Engaging with key clinicians worldwide to create cutting edge learning and knowledge sharing opportunities. From exciting new Hybrid developments to Cardiac CT and the ever popular week-long Bristol MRI course.



Event: BIR Management in Radiology
When: 18th January 2019
Where: Etc. Venues The Hatton, London

This one day event brings together top healthcare managers and directors to address key management issues within imaging departments. It will be of interest to all trainee radiologists and new consultants aspiring to leadership roles.



Event: BIR Gynaecology Imaging Update
When: 25th January 2019
Where: Etc. Venues The Hatton, London

This event will help bring radiologists up to date with modern imaging techniques in gynae cancer imaging. In particular the topics will move beyond simple staging and will deal more with functional imaging techniques and how they can provide prognostic information and allow assessment of disease response.



Event: RCR Radionuclide Study Day
When: 1st February 2019
Where: Royal College of Radiologists, London

This meeting is aimed at radiologists and allied health professionals with an interest in nuclear medicine and PET-CT. There will be a range of talks from expert speakers covering both nuclear medicine and PET-CT topics.


We will also be announcing the next few locations for the Recruitment Roadshow so watch this space for announcements.

To set up a meeting by prior arrangement please contact Amber Hyland on amber.hyland@medicagroup.co.uk or by phone on 07793 244292.

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MEDICA is expanding its subspecialist reporting panel and is keen to hear from Radiologists across a range of subspecialties. Come and speak to us at the event to discuss how working for MEDICA can work for you.

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