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MEDICA NIGHTHAWK ticks all the boxes.  Leading consultant radiologists with NHS experience providing authoritative guidance out of hours, based on a full knowledge of history, examination and prior imaging – and all within 60 minutes. This includes an authorised report into your RIS so any clinician in the hospital has access to it.  This is fully equivalent to having one of your radiologists right there – and incisive, accurate diagnostics ALWAYS save your organisation money.

MEDICA NIGHTHAWK tackles cost pressures, as well as workload pressures, for hospitals that find on-call service delivery hard to sustain.  Leaving your colleagues awake and alert during their normal working day, looking after your patients, talking with your clinicians and offering an optimum diagnostic service, whatever the day throws at them.

Dr Jenny Maniyar, consultant radiologist and MEDICA NIGHTHAWK client, reported at UKRC that an audit of MEDICA outsourced reports over five months revealed that there had been no significant discrepancies.  Dr Maniyar had calculated that had in-house consultant radiologists done this overnight reporting, the hospital would have had to fund locum cover for elective radiology services the next day at a cost of over £17,000. Teleradiology reporting costs for the same period, however, were less than £8,000.


Seven day working

You need to alter existing job plans to cope with seven day working

Out of hours

Increasing volumes of out of hours emergency work are impacting on your ability to cover the day job too

NICE guidelines

You want to conform with NICE guidelines for head and neck injuries

National Stroke Guidelines

You struggle to cope with delivering within National Stroke Guidelines

Holiday, sickness and other leave

You find it hard to maintain a service at times of holiday, sickness, study leave, maternity or paternity leave, or during periods of inclement weather


  • Additional capacity to make your seven day working job plans viable
  • A full consultation facility for the radiographer and the referring clinician if the examination requested is not covered by protocol
  • Telephoned guidance to the referrer – we will call to discuss the findings and help define the optimum next step in patient care
  • Cost-effective service and flexible hours of use – if you need us just for the weekends, bank holidays or just for certain days in a year, we are able to respond and provide our highly valued service to you at a moment’s notice
  • Guaranteed reporting within 1 hour.  We provide both a verbal and fully authorised and transcribed written report into your RIS using the services of our experienced, UK qualified, resident and NHS practising consultant radiologists
  • Secure, legitimate, rapid and easy set-up of the service: you can be up and running in days, not weeks or months
  • Using our unrivalled experience, we are able to streamline the referral process and firmly establish clear, tailored clinical out-of-hours protocols if you do not currently use or have them
  • Access to 24*7*365 MEDICA support engineers who are there to help ensure service continuity when you are not there, no matter what

So, no worries about affording, handling or planning on-call ever again…let MEDICA take the strain – we’re here to help.

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What Our Customers are Saying:

“Medica provide a good service. Nighthawk provides reports quickly and transferring images is noticeably faster than the provider we had been using. Our clinicians have always been happy with the quality of reporting.”

Radiology Operational Manager, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust