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MEDICA has an established network of high-tech reporting locations. These Reporting Centres offer the opportunity to report for MEDICA in a state-of-the-art and fully maintained reporting office, dedicated to your needs.

The Reporting Centres are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and benefit from the same unrivalled in-house support that all of our reporters receive. MEDICA Reporting Centres offer even more options and flexibility for reporters for whom it may not be convenient or preferential to work from home.

Find your nearest Reporting Centres and if you are interested in reporting for us, either from home or from a local centre then contact us today.


      Some Frequently Asked Questions…

      Working from home would not be suitable for me

      Our expanding network of Reporting Centres offers you an unrivalled level of flexibility. Poor broadband? A lack of space? There are a number of reasons that our reporters choose a Reporting Centre set up over a home one and some even choose to take advantage of both. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

      Can I choose when and where I report?

      At MEDICA we like to work with you to make sure that work plans are as flexible as possible to fit with your needs. The introduction of our Reporting Centres allows you that bit of extra flexibility if you decide that reporting from your home is not the preferred option.

      I could benefit from a Reporting Centre in my area, how can I let you know?

      We are growing our network of Reporting Centres at an exceptional rate and our dedicated team can now deploy a new centre in a matter of weeks. Please get in touch if this is of interest – we may already be developing a location near you. Contact us here to let us know

      What equipment do you provide in the Reporting Centre?

      We provide a full PACS workstation, including dual colour 3MPs DICOM monitors, as a minimum – all equipment is at the very least the same standard as the NHS and Independent Sector. Voice recognition is provided as standard.

      Can I have a tour of the Reporting Centre before I commit to anything?

      We would be happy to arrange a tour of our facilities. Please contact us to get this arranged at a mutually suitable time.

      “Our expanding network of Reporting Centres allow us to offer the unrivalled level of flexibility that our reporters enjoy. We are growing our network at an exceptional rate and with our dedicated team we can now deploy a new centre in a matter of weeks. We are always open to working with individuals or groups of reporters to set up new centres so if you are interested get in touch with the team today”

      Sarah Burns – Chief Operating Officer, MEDICA Group