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is a Designated Body and Dr Stephen Davies, the Medical Director, is the Responsible Officer.



  • MEDICA reviews all radiologists annually and provides an Independent Whole Practice Appraisal Form as evidence for their NHS appraisal. For those Radiologists who are no longer connected with the NHS, MEDICA can act as their Designated Body, subject to the GMC guidance on prescribed connections. MEDICA can advise on this point.
  • Radiologists who no longer maintain a connection with the NHS can connect to MEDICA as their Designated Body, subject to GMC guidance on prescribed connections, where they can undergo the full appraisal and revalidation cycle. For those requiring more information please contact the Revalidation team, through Clinical Governance.
  • The Responsible Officer attends NHS England Network meetings and is Appraised in his role by a level 2 Responsible Officer in NHS England.
  • MEDICA has a supportive ‘Response to Concerns’ process.

For more information about Appraisal and Revalidation with MEDICA please feel free to contact us here