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MEDICA’s remote reporting services have been designed and refined in partnership with more than 80 UK NHS Trusts.  MEDICA offers full equivalence to in-house reporting – using identically qualified and experienced radiologists, adhering to the same regulatory frameworks and ensuring our radiologists have access to all the same clinical information as your team.  A highly dependable and flexible service, with the lowest possible risk – and durable economic advantage.

We are here to help you deliver a fast diagnostic service and fulfil the unremitting demands from your organisation.  You can use MEDICA ROUTINE just at the times you need to.

MEDICA is totally focused on patient safety, with fully visible, transparent and secure legitimate access to your systems.  You can be assured that we provide the highest quality reporting at the lowest risk, meaning you can trust us with your patients’ exams.

Here are some of the reasons that MEDICA ROUTINE may be for you:

Pressure to maintain performance during peaks in demand

Demand for scanning is generally increasing, but there are still significant variations in demand week by week. Your referrers don’t want to wait for the report, but staffing up to the peak in demand is expensive and hard to maintain.

Increasing subspecialisation

Delivering NICE and National Stroke Guidelines is demanding – and combined with the new and more capable imaging techniques and modalities you have invested in, more and more is expected of you. Even with a large cohort of local radiologists it is getting harder to adequately cover all subspecialities.

Pressure from Seven Day working

Ever increasing pressure from clinicians and patients for extended hours including weekends and evenings.

Holiday and sickness cover

You employ people – not machines.  They take holidays, they have children, they look after families and sometimes they fall sick.

MEDICA ROUTINE offers you:

  • A service designed to suit your needs, particularly with regard to the turnaround time you require to meet the targets of your department and your Commissioners
  • A fully flexible radiology reporting service: you send us work as you need to, and we charge you only for what we report.  Plain film, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, mammography, CT Colonography – whatever you need
  • Secure, legitimate, quick and easy set up that takes days, not weeks or months and allows your MEDICA radiologists to report exactly as your own radiologists would – accessing the referral and other patient data in your RIS, reviewing patient radiology history, and entering reports directly into your radiology information system (RIS)
  • Turnaround and service level you need: you will typically have reports in your system, available and ready to view, in 24 hours
  • Unbeaten clinical quality, reports provided by exactly the same type of consultant radiologist that you employ, with audit and feedback to ensure our service is continually improving
  • Great value: we can prove to you that it costs less and is more effective to pass your excess load to MEDICA than employ extra consultant radiologists or locums

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What Our Customers are Saying:

“The reporting service combined with the first rate IT Infrastructure was the reason why we partnered with Medica. We have found their technical support excellent and they address queries and problems quickly, effectively and professionally.”

Clinical Director, NHS Ayrshire & Arran