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is the largest teleradiology provider and we are currently expanding our network of reporters to help us continue to deliver first class teleradiology reporting services to the NHS and independent healthcare providers.

As part of our growing team of over 430 reporters, you will be known and relied upon by our clients for your professional expertise. From the outset, you will be fully supported by our team who will take you through recruitment and provide training and ongoing technical support.

Crucially, all of our reporters report with the FULL picture – we ensure you always have access to the patient’s full radiology history and relevant previous images when reporting.



  • REPORTING WITH THE FULL PICTURE – MEDICA reporters have access to full patient history and previous images when reporting.
  • FLEXIBILITY – CHOOSE THE HOURS AND WORK THAT SUIT YOU – MEDICA can offer you the flexibility that allows you to balance your work/life perfectly – choose the hours that suit you, how much holiday you want to take (we can accommodate a planned 4-6 week break if requested), the subspecialties that you report on and even your location (allowing you to relocate anywhere and still work for MEDICA).
  • FLEXIBLE LOCATIONS – OPTIONS TO REPORT FROM HOME OR ONE OF OUR REPORTING CENTRES. Report from the convenience of your own home – no need to travel to work, no parking worries or costs. If working from home is not preferential then you can work from one of our Reporting Centres. Wherever you report from, at MEDICA you can be confident that you are working within a comprehensive clinical governance structure which is leading the way in the teleradiology market.
  • SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT – MEDICA supports its reporters through 1-2-1 training and educational support – all within an exceptional clinical governance framework. We provide access to the online STATdx Premier educational resource. We undertake ongoing audit of our work and our focus is to use discrepancies to facilitate group learning and identify opportunities to share best practice. This is done through regular Discrepancy Briefing Notes from the Clinical Advisory Group.
  • TECHNOLOGY – FIRST CLASS TECHNOLOGY AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT – MEDICA offer a full hassle free setup at your home, providing, fitting and maintaining all the equipment you need with an on-site engineer to support you during deployment. After set up MEDICA reporters have 24-7-365 access to a highly competent UK based technical support team.
  • REVALIDATION AND APPRAISAL – All radiologists are provided with a monthly audit feedback report. MEDICA is a Designated Body and as such, in addition to monthly feedback, we undertake an annual appraisal with all radiologists using the Independent Sector Form. This provides supporting evidence for your NHS appraisal and GMC revalidation obligations. We are also able to offer comprehensive support for Radiologists no longer connected to the NHS to achieve GMC Revalidation. Our Medical Director, Dr Stephen Davies, is our Responsible Officer.
  • GUARANTEED INCOME – EXCELLENT EARNING POTENTIAL – MEDICA can offer you a regular guaranteed income. Please enquire for further information.


If you are considering making a change to your existing commitments or lifestyle, we are in a position to offer you a contract to match your plans… including regular daytime, evening and/or weekend sessions. For more information about how working for MEDICA could work for you call now on 033 33 111 222


If you are considering teleradiology fill in the form here, or better still, call our recruitment team on 01424 762111 to get a better understanding of what your next step with MEDICA might be.